cuidado de la piel en verano

Tips for skin care in summer

Summer Skin Care Tips Spend a day at the lake, sunbathe and bathe on the beach, hiking, climb a mountain, visit cities… Whatever your plan this summer, We know that you will enjoy the holidays as much as you can. but beware! enjoy too…

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¿Cómo influyen las fragancias en las emociones?

How do fragrances influence emotions??

♦️ Do you know the power that fragrances have when it comes to awakening emotions??   💠 Today we tell you about its ability to evoke memories and emotional associations in our brain..   Odors are perceived by receptors in the nose that send signals to the olfactory bulb in the brain.. From…

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ganadores del sorteo de desodorantes liquidos spray


Do you want to know if you have been one of our 20 winners in the liquid spray deodorant giveaway?   These are the winners: @pilar.aragon37 @josefinagosto @solete_mio @gnomitawarrior @rosaalcala1980 @evapepiol @marijose_mtnez @gacalidade @marciana.sosa @miiragui…

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Loción Aloe Vera Aftersun

Aloe Vera Lotion, the best ally “after sun”

Aloe Vera, the best ally “after sun” Do you know our Aloe Vera Aftersun Lotion? The benefits of aloe?   Aloe vera is a great antioxidant that, in addition to moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin., excellently regenerates skin cells that are damaged by the sun. This is because it contains allantoin.,…

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lucir pelazo

Look hairy this spring

🌺 Do you want to look great this spring??   👩‍🦳 Taking care of your hair consists of much more than using a good shampoo.🧴 Write down these tips’ to maintain healthy and shiny hair.   Hair with volume and full of shine is always in fashion and for this it is…

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Desodorante liquido

5 reasons why you should use non-aerosol deodorants

🫶 There are many reasons why we recommend using non-aerosol deodorants.   Discover them now!   1. Less environmental impact: Aerosols contain propellant gases that contribute to air pollution and the greenhouse effect.. Using non-aerosol deodorants helps reduce the emission of these harmful gases.  …

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Diez consejos para protegerse del sol

Ten tips to protect yourself from the sun

💦 Did you know that protecting yourself from the sun is vitally important to maintain skin health and prevent diseases?? Don't worry because today we offer you ten very effective tips to protect yourself from the sun..   🥰 Today we tell you why and how you should protect yourself. Don't you…

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como cuidar la piel de tu bebe

How to take care of your baby's skin

How to take care of your baby's skin How to take care of your baby's skin 👶 The skin of newborns is very different from that of adults. If you are new parents or have any questions, pay attention to our advice!: 🧼 Use neutral or slightly acidic soaps, sin perfumes.…

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Rosa mosqueta

Rosehip: We tell you all its benefits

Rosehip: We tell you all its benefits Today we want to talk to you about the Rosa Mosqueta Line of the Spanish Institute. Do you know all its benefits?   It is enriched with Rosa Mosqueta and hyaluronic acid., so that:   1. Stimulates hydration and natural elasticity of the skin Rosehip has…

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