About us?

Instituto Español S.A. was founded in 1903 in the tradition of the best European perfumery and since it began its activity, manufactures perfumery and cosmetic products. A company with more than 120 years of experience, where working is being part of a team, from a family.

A company 100% Andalusian

A dynamic and young company with more than 160 direct jobs, always focused on locating the latest developments in the sector so that the company advances at the pace of the market. Evolution is the keyword that adapts us to new times and trends. Young people with one hundred years of experience.

The workers at the Instituto Español factory have always had a great relationship with the company, being mostly workers from the area.

Science and cosmetics

Many scientific advances have brought decisive advances to the world of fragrance and cosmetics, since the discovery of skin pH by the Danish chemist S. P. L. Sørensen to Nobel laureate Otto Wallach and his study on essential oils.

There are things that never change

From the Egyptian Empire to the present day, raw materials have evolved a lot. Currently, the Spanish Institute uses a large percentage of these, from plants or synthetic, avoiding the use of conflicting raw materials.