The Spanish Institute defends the management of a sustainable business as one of the basic pillars within the company. The need for humans to satisfy a good without sacrificing the future ability to produce this good is what we know as sustainability..

We use 65% renewable energy

At Instituto Español we are committed to clean and inexhaustible energy sources, that do not harm the environment. That is why the 65% of the energy we use is renewable.

We do not test on animals

Instituto Español is firmly committed to a policy that excludes testing its products and ingredients on animals, nor hire third parties to carry out such tests, but also we do not buy any raw material that is tested on animals.

We do not dump waste

The correct management of waste is a fundamental piece to preserve the environment and social development. At Instituto Español we control and analyze all waste. We channel and reintegrate into the production cycle all those recyclable substances. One of the daily challenges of the Spanish Institute is the reduction of waste and garbage based on the new concept of zero waste.

We do not use aerosols

The Spanish Institute deodorants, plus they don't come in aerosols, does not contain alcohol, so they are effective and skin-friendly. Aerosols come in cans that are partially filled with a product concentrate. It is then pressurized with propellant gas, like butane, nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide. These gases are not destroyed and go directly to damage the ozone layer.

Recyclable and recycled packaging

All the packaging we use is very easy to recycle, Thus, the Spanish Institute helps combat the prospect of depletion of natural resources by favoring recycling plants in the division of products. All companies should be aware of the environmental change that is taking place and contribute with socio-economic resources to introduce garbage and waste back into the life cycle.

Work life balance / familiar

We are fully committed to incorporating women into work and their compatibility with personal life. Equal opportunity in employment, social balance, the family environment and the required business productivity, These are essential factors that we take into account at Instituto Español to provide each of our workers with a good quality of life., both work and personal.

We take care of our environment

Instituto Español is located very close to one of the most fascinating natural landscapes, Donana. This is why we not only do not test on animals, but we do not dump waste so as not to harm the environment. But the environment is also the population, people. Thats why he 90% of our staff are from the same town where we are located, Hinojos. We try to have the least displacement of our operators, so the hiring is always from neighboring towns.

We are Spanish

A company with capital 100% Andalusian, spanish and european. With 118 years of experience, Instituto Español is a company that is committed from the beginning to an integral project in our land, currently generating more than 100 direct jobs in the perfumery and cosmetics sector. We believe in the more than proven quality that gives a product with the seal “Made in Spain”. We are sure that it is the best way to provide our clients with maximum safety and well-being..