socially responsible

Instituto Español is a socially responsible company as we respect environment, , the surroundings in which we live and the people around us. Workers are a priority for Instituto Español, as well as the environment and nature.

Because we care about women

Working at Instituto Español is being part of a big family, where all our staff are respected to the maximum, in a 95 % women. Work and family life are reconciled with a conducive schedule for it, all year until 15 hours.

We are a different company, with a plural structure, avoiding hierarchies as far as possible. Giving each person the responsibility of their job and the correct development of their functions. This model enhances individual capabilities, benefiting teamwork.

We collaborate with NGOs

Because hygiene is a basic need that we should all have access to, In addition to avoiding health problems, we like to put our grain of sand. We help large organizations such as the Seville and Huelva Food Bank, Cajasol Foundation, Red Cross and New Future, as well as associations and local residences.

For any manual handling work, such as the envelopes with the samples, We collaborate with the El Mago Merlín Association, located in Hinojos, that is responsible for treating all those psychic disorders, motor and sensory, as well as learning difficulties.

Aware of our environment

We are located in Doñana, so taking care of our environment is paramount. Our manufacturing respects the non-emission of waste in any manufacturing process, just as we recycle all the materials we use.

We channel and reintegrate into the production cycle all those recyclable substances. One of the daily challenges of the Spanish Institute is the reduction of waste and garbage based on the new concept of zero waste.

We sponsor Sporting Huelva Women

We love sports, so supporting our athletes is a real pleasure for IE. We are sponsors of the women's football club Sporting Huelva. The main objective of this club is to fight every day to strengthen the base of our players and the quarry, to make this sport stronger and more solid in our capital and province.