Research, innovation, quality, technology… all these words make sense when we mention Instituto Español. We introduce a wide variety of products on the market that seek to reinforce care from the smallest of the house to the elderly..

overcoming challenges

Research and development of new products have been the basis of our success for more than 118 years. An undaunted pillar that has stood for decades, which has allowed us to grow and overcome the challenges that we have set for ourselves year after year. We dedicate a large part of our success to investing in cutting-edge technologies and using them in the manufacture of our gels and creams., betting on innovation in each new creation.

We have a team of experts in different disciplines and specialties, which has become our innovative strength, promoting both the search for new raw materials and active ingredients and the synthesis of new products. In an increasingly demanding market, We always work to obtain the maximum efficiency and quality.

We adapt to the new times

We intend to give our products their own identity. For it, we pay attention to the needs of our customers, always seeking to offer maximum satisfaction. Your opinions are always a true source of innovation for us. So that, we have developed products adapted and intended for today's society, as anti-pollution products, that protect the skin from environmental pollution, and ecological and vegan lines, that are consistent with the needs of an increasingly responsible society with the environment, in addition to a wide range of products for the care of sensitive skin, attending as always to offer the highest quality.

The great variety and quality of the products we offer allows us to present a high competitiveness in the national and international market., exporting to many countries around the world. This also provides us with an exchange of scientific expertise in the field of skin care., and helps us to search for new horizons. We try to develop today the products you will use tomorrow.