Back to routine

Back to the routine It's over! The summer holidays are finally ending and we leave behind some wonderful months enjoying with friends and family. Now, It's time to readjust to the routine: worked, schools, universidad, organization at home… It's normal that, sometimes, nos resulte complicado volver a estructurar nuestro día a día, pero se nos

Post-summer routine

Post-summer routine Summer is coming to an end and we take care of putting everything in order to start our routine in the most orderly way possible.. We prepare school and work materials, we do a deep cleaning of the home after the holidays, We started making some wardrobe changes.… Nos ponemos a preparas tantas

Tricks to save water

Tricks to save water Water is a vital resource that we often take for granted, but its scarcity is a growing concern in many parts of the world. In fact, Currently in Spain we are in a critical moment of drought, fact that we must always keep in mind. Adoptar hábitos que nos permitan ahorrar agua

Draw Winners 120 years – Aloe Vera line

Draw Winners 120 years – Aloe Vera Line CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM! Rafael Sánchez García Montserrat Lopez Vega Rosa Maria Fariña Ambrosio Sanchez Angel Del Pozo Rodriguez Sandra Moreno Borrego @nereeabg23 @a.guerrero94 @amanticolisan @opocolors @macarenacrga134 @cyrix2981 So we can send you your prize, please, fill in your data through the form. completing…