spring scents

Close your eyes, think what spring smells like to you and, based on that, choose your scent for the new season. You can smell the energy of the first rays of the sun; the sea, if you live on the coast and enjoy the first baths in this season. there is someone…

Keys to hydrate your baby's skin

The baby's skin is very vulnerable, since it has a lower protection capacity than that of adults. This lower defense capacity means that the newborn's skin deserves special attention.. Moisturizing the skin is one of the main points that we have to keep in mind. For normality, the skin…

5 spring care tips

Spring has just landed and with it, skincare routine needs to change. According to the calendar, although the weather does not always allow it, it's time to say goodbye to low temperatures and welcome the sun and its warmth. The skin is the first organ that detects climatic changes, si no

Oatmeal Moisturizing Lotion

Finding the right moisturizing lotion can be a really complicated task. And it is that if the skin is not hydrated, this struggle to make up for the lack of water suffered by. With which, Not hydrating has the opposite effect.. However, What should the perfect moisturizer have to take care of the skin and hydrate it?? Lo…

February raffle winners

We already have the winning parents who will take home 1 perfume Poseidon Gold y Poseidon Classic (150 ml) Congratulations to all! We hope you enjoy the gift very much. We would love to be part of the moment you receive your prize. Cheer up and share your photo with us on Facebook and Instagram! Para que podamos enviarte